May 2021

Healing Puzzles Website Contains A Series Of Healing Puzzles To Be Used...

Healing Puzzles Website contains a series of Healing Puzzles to be used by institutions like (Hospitals, Schools, Shelters, Correctional Centers, Addiction Centers and many other Facilities). The App is designed to contain a series of Healing Puzzles and the Institution can pay a subscription that will suit the number of counsellors they have under their Umbrella. They can pay a quarterly fee or a yearly fee and the cost will depend on the number of counsellors that are under their umbrella. There will be new puzzles added regularly and the counsellors using those puzzles will be able to customize them to suit the individual needs of each client, if they desire to do so.

Healing Puzzles is a tool to be used by counsellors to help open the line of communication between the counsellor and the client. Ms. Snow’s mission is for Healing Puzzles; “to provide a series of communication -enhancing, engaging, interactive, therapeutic tools for use by the institutions listed above which will help people solve and / or cope with problems, illnesses, issues and special needs that are affecting individuals of every age, race, gender and geographical location deal with on a daily basis.”

In today’s fast-paced society, individuals are often faced with stress overload due to work pressures and/or personal problems. Many of these individuals are unable to discuss their concerns, thereby perpetuating the effects that this stress can have on them both physically and emotionally. Moreover, children often suffer in silence because they do not know how to deal with or talk about the issues affecting them, such as bullying, sexual abuse, etc. Counselors are often unable to get their patients to open up about their struggles so they are unable provide them with the help they so desperately need.

Each Healing puzzle is designed with a selection of questions and images that can be customized by the counsellor to address the needs of individuals based on their specific requirements. The counsellor may decide to have the client use the puzzles only while in therapy with them or permit them to use the app on their mobile device while away from therapy as a continuation of therapy. They may also upload a meditation that they feel might compliment the Healing Puzzle. The info uploaded at the in-person session will be saved separately from the info added at home by the client.

There is a Healing Puzzle for Dementia patients which may be used by assisted-living facilities. The patient’s family would invest in this Healing Puzzle for their loved one, This Puzzle does not only “jog” the memory of the dementia patient but, through its added features, will give comfort to the loved ones knowing they have this new way of communicating with those they fear are lost to them is so many ways. This puzzle will allow the loved ones to upload pictures of the family and record their names. As each puzzle piece loads, the recorded voice will play. They can record a passage from the Bible or a from any book to be played before going to bed or at any time the loved one may like to hear it. They can record their favorite song, poems, and prayers for the loved one (the loved one may have said their prayers each night before going to bed and now do not remember they did that.) They can do video of family gathering, etc. These familiar things could trigger peace and calmness in their loved one, or trigger their memory so that they can remember family member names or things from their past more clearly. This would also have a therapeutic effect on the family members who, no doubt, miss their spouse, parents, grandparents, etc. Pictures, stories and videos can be changed at any time by family members or caregivers. This particular puzzle can help those with Alzheimer’s and those who have suffered memory loss due to an accident or illness.

There will be Healing Puzzles for all issues, ages, races, and gender. The Healing Puzzles for smaller children will be associated with emotions. Counselors using Healing Puzzles may help a person face their addiction, deal with separation or divorce, or a variety of issues they may need assistance with. The Puzzles are designed to open the lines of communication so that the individual can work through the issues affecting them through engaging colorful puzzles with text, music, with the ability to add text, or build a virtual world inside the puzzle thus enabling younger children to have their own avatar and/or a family of avatars (there will be 20/30 avatars at different ages and available in all nationalities) to really show how they are feeling if too young to verbalize how they feel. For example, if a child is abused by someone in the family or a babysitter, they can set up the puzzle and show to some degree what is happening to them if not able to verbalize what is happening. There will also be a scale showing their degree of happiness and sadness, the ability to show the counsellor what is going on in their lives with just touching the screen and building the puzzle. This tool will help break through communication barriers by helping the client express themselves more clearly. Healing Puzzles will be customized in any language; thus, can be sold and utilized worldwide. Each client will be provided with a URL and passcode to access the website/app.

Healing Puzzles is not a cure for any of the issues it is claiming to assist with; however, it may become very valuable to those using it and there may be many “eureka” moments along the way when people start to communicate more freely and experience less and less stress and anxiety in their lives. Now, during this world-wide pandemic, we need to get people talking more than ever; Healing Puzzles will do just that!

Healing Puzzles………Healing One Session At A Time!!
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